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Coffee Training Ltd

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We love coffee! We love to drink it, make it and teach it!

With over 40 years combined experience in the industry, Dave and Amy have a passion for great coffee.

Both of us spent over 10 years working as a barista in Auckland, eventually moving on to other areas in the industry. 

As well as barista training, we import and sell products on our online retail store CoffeeStuff.co.nz

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Dave the Barista Trainer

dave the coffee trainer

I really enjoyed working as a barista for many years. I thought it to be creative, technical and I enjoyed working 'front of house' and getting to know the customers. The job is fast paced and every day is different, which was very rewarding for me.

I have worked in many different cafes and learnt from many other baristas, now using my knowledge of coffee to teach others.


Amy the Coffee Roaster

amy the coffee roasterAmy takes care of your booking and admin for Coffee Training.

On top of that she roast's coffee for a company on the North Shore where she started of as a barista, then moved up to wholesale operations and then eventually ending up in roasting.