Commerical Training

Commercial Coffee Training for new or established cafe staff


I do commercial barista training for cafes, bars and workplace environments.

If you’ve got a coffee machine setup but your team just isn’t quite hitting the mark, talk to me about a solution!

I can do basic one-on-one training or big group sessions. I keep it fun and relaxed.

Quite often people just need a quick lesson on frothing milk or getting the shots right. Let me know your requirements.


OK Let’s Go!

The majority of jobs i do like this go for about an hour and a half and I charge $150 – $200 +gst

I can set the training however you need for that time, no extra charge for added people. Make the most of the time with as many people as you want!

Extra travel costs may be charged for long distances. I am willing to travel to train!


Contact us to know more