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Barista Class in Auckland


Coffee Classes are running every week on Tuesdays. Classes book up fast!

Please contact us now to reserve a space!



If your interested in my barista class in Devonport on Tuesday nights, please contact Amy to book!

021 984 982 (often cannot answer calls during work hours, please txt or leave a message).

Or the best way to get in contact with us – Email


Dave & Amy😎




If you want to work in hospitality, become a professional barista or make great coffee at home, you’ve come to the right place!

Good coffee is an art form and becoming a good barista is a hard earned talent. I have a mission to create cutting edge coffee people. This doesn’t come easy.

Some people are natural baristas, but with patience and a lot of practice, everyone can make great coffee.


coffee maching

Learn to Make Real Espresso Coffee

I am running a short, simple and straight forward espresso class for people that want to learn the basics of coffee, without all the fuss. This course is perfect for people that want to work in the cafe industry or for people that want to make great coffee at home.

All The Fuss?

This course is to learn how to make great coffee. I am only going to teach you the necessary information and techniques you will need to make great coffee.

No Fuss, No Irrelevant Information

The course is very much hands-on, designed to make sure that you are comfortable with the equipment and the coffee. There is no theory involved. The course is all practical and you will spend 90% of the time on the coffee machine.

You will learn the basic foundations of what coffee should be and how to produce a quality  product.

espresso extraction

The Course

My training course is a little different to others out there. I feel there is a lot of information being taught to people that is a total waste of time. I am teaching how to make coffee in a cafe environment. Nothing else. You will learn about what its like to be a barista and what it takes to be a great barista. You will not learn the history of coffee or how coffee beans are grown or what type of beans come from different countries. This sort of information often takes up half of the time in other training classes.

Sure a professional should know this information but you do not need to pay to learn this stuff, if you want to know, jump on Google.


Now This is Fun!

This is very important to me. We always have fun, laugh a lot, make tons of mess and everyone goes home happy. I find that if we have lots of fun, its much easier to learn.


Its All in The Hips…

There is no exact technique to making coffee. No one has the right to define the exact technique. There is only YOUR technique. I can only show you some pointers and tips with a few tricks thrown in. I often refer to this as learning to play golf. You can learn a few ways to hit a ball, but only you will develop your own swing. There are a few bad habits that I will help you avoid but it’s whatever works best for you. Practice is the only thing that will help you discover your technique.

However a cup of coffee is assembled is irrelevant. Its the final result that is the test. The proof is in the cup.


We Wont be Sleeping Tonight!

Students are making around 30-40 cups of coffee in a session. It’s all about repetition. You only get better with practice. I do encourage students to taste a lot of the coffees that we make but don’t worry, you wont have to drink it all…


How Long is The Course?

The classes are short, about 2½ hours. This means you don’t get confused with too much information.

Some of my complete beginner students have done one session with me and have walked straight into a barista job. Others have come for a second session and others for a third. I don’t force anyone to train for 12 hours with me (like some courses out there). Its best to do a session and see how you go. If you are a natural maybe that’s all you need. If you want to practice more come back for round 2.

The classes are small, up to four people at a time. This ensures everyone gets plenty of time using the equipment and keep up with the lesson.


Can Mum Come Too?

I am happy for people to sit and watch the training in action, it can be quite entertaining. If you are unsure about commiting to a lesson, this is a great way to see what its all about.

Bystanders get to taste the coffees too!


Now the Neighbors and Their Dog Want to Learn

I offer a group discount  for 4 – 6 people. If you can organize a group the price will be discounted to $100 for each student.


Jobs, Jobs for Everyone

I know the café’s, and the café’s know me. A lot of businesses ask me all the time if I know baristas that need work. I try my best to place students in jobs after training with me.

I cant guarantee anything and I don’t make any money placing jobs for students. This is something I just do for the love of coffee.

learn to make coffee



OK Let’s Go!

I keep the courses running every Tuesday evening.

Please contact Amy (my partner and secretary in crime!) about any booking enquires, I’m sure she can fit you in.



Each session runs for around 2 hours and costs $150 per person. Includes GST

The amount of sessions you do is up to you. Beginners are probably best to take 2 sessions but some are good with 1.


When is the Course

The class runs for just over 2 hours

Every  Tuesday 6pm – 8:30pm



Classes are held in Devonport

Travel by ferry from the city works well!


Auckland wide on-location training is also available if you would prefer staff to be trained at your own site.

Home barista training is Auckland wide unless otherwise arranged.


Gift Vouchers Available

Contact me to book and for more information


Dave the coffee trainer


Who’s Dave?

I love coffee! I love to drink it and make it.

I have worked as a professional barista for over 10 years. I have worked in many different cafes and learnt from many master baristas.
I now use my knowledge of coffee to teach others the fine art.